I took over my dad’s photography business in 1998. Before that time I mostly took pictures of ghost towns, old mining towns, and nature.

In a perfect world I would be able to shoot everything for everyone and this is what I try to do. I will be shooting your Engagement pictures and Bridal Portrait, but sometimes your wedding might conflict with an event that I have already booked. If this is the case I will let you know at the time of booking that it will not be me at your wedding, so that you can make the choice whether or not to use Mike’s Photo.

Because I work strictly on referrals, I have the most amazing and trustworthy clientele. Therefore, I DO NOT require a deposit. Once you tell me that you would like to book my services the date is yours. The total amount is due the day of the wedding. If you would like to pay earlier or spread out the money into payments that is fine with me. Individual Sitting fees are due at the time of the sitting. At this time I accept cash, personal checks, and money orders. I am sorry I am not able to take credit cards.

In most case you will have your proofs back with in a few days of your sitting. Wedding albums will be finished within 3 weeks of the wedding date (sooner in the winter months).

The duration of your appointment can vary a little but for the most part these are the time frames I plan on…..

  • Announcement Pictures 30-45 minutes
  • Bridal Pictures 60-90 minutes
  • Temple Pictures (after sealing) 60-90 minutes
  • Wedding Family Pictures prior to the Reception 60-75 minutes
  • Senior Pictures 45-60 minutes
  • Missionary Pictures 30-45 minutes
  • Family Pictures 30-90 minutes depending on the size of the family

Yes Yes Yes! I love Black and White. Printing a picture in black and white rather than color does not cost more. But if you would like to have your proofs printed in Black and White as well as color so you can see the difference it is $15 for engagement, families, seniors and missionaries and $30 for bridals portraits. With this extra fee you will get a set of every picture in both color and black and white.

Yes! I shoot everything digital now so technically there aren’t any negatives. But I do give you a High Resolution CD with your wedding album that has your Engagement sitting, Bridal portraits, and Wedding Day photos on it. This is the same CD that I use to print your proof. Because you own this CD you can bring reprints back to me or you can have them made on your own.

According to Federal law, images produced by a professional photographer are copyrighted the moment they are created. The United States Federal Law prohibits copying or reproducing any material without the permission from the owner of the copyright.

I try to make reprints affordable so that you can enjoy and share your photos without mortgaging your house to pay for them. If you are a wedding client, you will receive the copyright to the wedding, with your wedding album, so that you are able to reprint as you would like.

Utah is such a beautiful state that the possibilities are endless. However if you need suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask. I have a studio that set up for small families, seniors and brides. But I love to shoot in the outdoors. Because I prefer to shoot in Nature I DO NOT charge a location fee or mileage as long as the location is between Layton and Provo. Although I do require that you pay any entrance fee or photographer pass fee that is required by the specific location.

All of these items are welcome. Although if possible let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing more than a couple of clothing changes or if you are bringing a pet. Not every location has adequate changing places or allows pets; special arrangements might need to be made. Props on the other hand are welcome and encouraged (even to Bridal Portraits). They help show your personality and your lifestyle.

Stress can cause acne…..and planning a wedding can be STRESSFUL. If you have small blemishes on your face don’t worry they can easily be fixed. Just be sure to mention them when ordering you final enlargements. If there is a major problem that needs to be fixed, like removing braces or fixing tan lines, then there will be a small digital touchup fee depending on the amount of work required to fix the problem.

Please Please Please try to be on time to your appointments. My days are very busy and usually depend on my appointments running on schedule. If you are going to be late please call me prior to the appointment if at all possible and I will do the same. I will try my hardest to keep the appointment but obviously I can’t be late to a wedding because a bridal appointment is running late. If you are late on your wedding day it really isn’t much of a concern. Because I am at your wedding from beginning to end we will always find time to do all the pictures we need to. But things run much smoother if you plan to be on time.

Family photos look best if you pick 3 or 4 coordinating colors and have everyone in the family wear those colors in some form. Bright colors usually look good and stand out against most backgrounds. Black on fair people washes them out and white on everyone in a pictures turns into a “white blob” sometimes, making it hard to distinguish specific lines. When shooting an extended family it is common to have each family in a different color this is fine but I think it makes the picture sort of segmented and doesn’t have a really good flow between the family members.